Piano Removal

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If you are moving a piano, or selling one off (or disposing of one), piano removal is the first step in that process. If you still have a perfectly good piano, the goal of removing it is to keep it in as good of shape as possible. Quality piano movers Atlanta are hard to find. Rest assured we are the best in the industry. Since we have years of experience packing up pianos for a move, we can assure you that your piano will be taken care of properly. We will pack your piano up, get it down from your place and load it carefully in to our trucks, or whatever vehicle you need it in.

Packing a piano is a very careful process. The goal in packing a piano is to make sure that the strings inside it are not jostled so much that they break or become tuned incorrectly. In order to do this, we make sure that, should your piano have a lid, it is closed, with soft packing material inside, to make sure strings are not impacted. We then wrap bubble wrapped and packing material around the outside of it, to make sure that no outside forces chip, ding or dent the finish during moving.

Stairs Vs. Elevator
The next step after packing up your piano is to physically get it out of your residence or business. If you live in a house, this is a lot easier as, even if you have stairs up to your door, they are probably small and lead to a walk way which will allow your piano to roll on dollies. If you live in an apartment building, or your office is in a building, moving your piano will require that we use stairs or elevators. If you have access to an elevator, this is the easiest and safest removal option. If you only have stairs, we can still make this work, but it will require greater time and man-power. The best Atlanta piano mover knows how to do this in the best interest of your instrument.

Truck Loading
The last step for piano removal is to get the piano from your home or building and in to a truck or vehicle. If you are having us use our trucks, we can get the piano safely from your residence/office and load it in to our truck. Our trucks have powered lift gates, which make it very easy to load a piano in. Our trucks also have specialized rails to tie fasten your piano to, so that it doesn’t move around during transportation. If you elect to use your vehicle, we can load the piano in and help to secure it as much as possible.

Our team of piano movers are absolutely amazing. They all have years of experience with moving pianos and, because of this, they know exactly what to do to keep your piano as safe as possible. Our movers will take their time to pack up your piano correctly. They will also take their time in rolling your piano down stairs or an elevator. Lastly, our movers will make sure that your piano is properly secured in whatever vehicle it will be transported in.

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