Piano Relocation

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If you are moving, and deciding to keep your piano, then relocation is the option for you. When we do a piano relocation, we take as much care as we can to make sure that your piano makes it from your original place, to your new place, in as good of shape as possible. Our movers respect your piano and, because of this, they take its safety as seriously as possible. We will make sure to pack your piano up, get it out of your old space, loaded in to the truck safely, transported and moved in to your new place without a hitch. We’re the piano mover Atlanta knows and trusts.

Packing and Unpacking
When we do a piano relocation, one of the most important steps in the process, is the initial packing up of your piano. During this process, we make sure that the interior of your piano is softly packed, so as to not hurt your strings, and then we make sure that the outside of the piano is packed and protected, so as to not let it be hurt by any outside forces. When we get the piano to its new home, we will delicately unpack it, so that it is ready for your use.

Moving Up and Down
Moving the piano to the truck, and then from the truck to its new home, is the hardest part of the process. It is during this step that most problems can arise. Because we do not want to hurt your piano in any way, we make sure to take our time during piano moving. If you live in a house, we can generally roll the piano, on dollies, right out to our trucks. If the piano is situated in a multi-story building, we will need to move it up and down, via elevator or stairs. Both of these options can be difficult, but we will take our time to make sure they are done correctly.

Once we manage to get your piano, safely, out of its original housing, we will then move it down to our truck. We use specialized moving trucks, that have powered lift-gates, so that we can easily get your piano from the street in to the truck. These lift-gates remove the need for our movers to lift your piano, which can be very dangerous. Then, once the piano is up to truck level, we make sure it is secured in place by wheel locks and tension straps, so that it makes its journey safely.

Set Up
Once we have your piano packed up, moved to the truck, transported to its new home and unpacked, the last step is to get it in to place, for set up. While we do not do piano tuning, we will do everything else we can do to make sure that tuning won’t be needed after the move. Upon getting your piano in to its new home, we will move it in to its proper position, unpack it, lift from dollies and place down; ready for your usage. We’re also the most well known piano movers Marietta Ga calls on.

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