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If you are needing to move, or simply wanting more space, and keeping your piano is not an option for you, there are several ways that we can assist in getting rid of it. We’re the piano moving Atlanta can count on. The most common reason that people want to dispose of their pianos is because they simply do not work anymore. Piano repairs can be costly and, should you not want to spend the money on them, you may elect to just have the piano taken away. The other reasons could be that you don’t use it and want to sell it or donate it to someone who may actually us it.

If you have a piano that works fine, but you simply do not want it anymore, selling is a great option. If you have sold your piano, or are in the process of selling it, providing a moving service to your customer could be a fantastic option. Once you have a buyer in mind, we can arrange a time with you, and them, to come and pack your piano up and then move it to your buyer’s location. In this way, you can be rid of the piano and make some extra money, without having to do any of the work!

Disposing Of
If you currently own a piano, but it is not working and seems to be beyond repair, you have the option of compete disposal. Lucky for you, we know people who would gladly take your old piano and part it out to refurbish other pianos with. Call the piano movers in Atlanta Ga who are happy to help you out. This means that we can come and pick up your old piano; getting it out of your space for you. We understand that moving a piano can be a pain, but with our help, we can get you old piano moved quickly and give you back your space.

If you have an old piano, that doesn’t seem to be working, instead of disposing of it or selling it, by not see if you can get it fixed. It is true that some piano repair can be extremely costly, however, there are certain repairs that may cost much less than you think they will. If you need to take your piano out of your space to have it looked at and fixed, we can gladly help with that. We will pack your piano up and make sure it gets to and from your space safely.

The other big option for piano disposal is to donate your old piano to someone who wants, or needs, it. Donating is a great option because you know that the person who is getting it will love and cherish it. You can feel good about this decision, because you can know that a donated piano is going to someone who is in need. If you elect to donate your piano, we can arrange a time to come pack and pick your piano up; making sure that it gets out of your place and to its new owner as efficiently as possible.

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