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Pianos are very delicate instruments that require the utmost care when being moved. Because the interiors of pianos are calibrated carefully, jostling them around during a move can actually ruin the sound quality of the piano. For this reason, it is imperative that you use professional piano movers, like us, to help you out. We know all of the tricks to make sure that your piano is packed carefully and moved as safely as possible. We guarantee that our piano movers will get your piano in to your new home or business perfectly.

Specialized Movers
When you’re searching for piano movers near me, don’t just use any moving company. Our piano movers have delivered so many pianos that we’ve lost count. The great news about this, however, is that we have the experience to make sure that your delivery goes as smoothly as possible. Our movers are strong, knowledgeable and will make sure that every precaution is taken in getting your piano in to your new home, apartment or business. Because of the fragile nature of pianos, it is always preferable that we use an elevator to move to higher floors, but if the only option is stairs, we assure you that we can still get the piano up. Our piano movers Atlanta Ga are ready to serve you.

We deliver your piano via truck. Our trucks are big enough to fit your piano safely, but not so big that they allow your piano to move all over the place. We load your piano in, wrapped safely in bubble wrap and packing supplies, and then use tension straps to make sure that your piano can not roll anywhere inside the truck. We also put locks on the wheels to help keep the piano in place. Our drivers drive slow an steady, observing all roadway signs (and never breaking abruptly) to ensure your piano stays in mint condition.

If you live in a multi-story building, or you have an office in one, and are lucky enough to have an elevator, piano moving can be a quick and painless process. If you have access to a freight elevator, most piano sizes will be able to go right in, past the doors, with plenty of room to sit inside and be taken up to your floor. If you only have access to a standard elevator, we can do our best to gently finagle your piano in to it. Should we not be able to fit your piano, we will never force it in; rather we will use the stairs as our next option.

If we cannot get your piano in to the elevator of your building, or if you have no elevator, the stairs are our next best option. Moving a piano up stairs is not an easy task. It will require planning and take some time. We use a combination of planks and furniture dollies to load your piano and slowly push it up stairs. This option will require a greater amount of movers and will be a slow and steady process. We promise that, although not preferable, stairs will not be an issue!

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