Other Large Items

atlanta s piano moving pros other large items

Besides pianos, we can also help to move other large items. Pianos are one of the most difficult things to move that there is so, because of this, we can guarantee that moving any other large item you may have will be easy for us. We can help to move things such as couches, chairs and beds. We can also move large appliances, like: refrigerators and ovens. We can even move out very large pieces, such as entertainment centers and, we can move home theater pieces, like televisions, carefully and safely.
While you may be able to move boxes on your own, furniture can be a burden to get moved. Large furniture, such as sectionals, will require several people to move and, beyond their obvious hefty weight, they can be cumbersome to maneuver out of your home and in to a truck. We have a lot of experience doing this, so the moving process won’t be any more complicated for you than it needs to be. We can also move mattresses, which are pieces that everyone has trouble moving. We will make sure to keep your furniture covered, safe and clean while moving.
While most people will elect to keep their appliances in the home they are selling, as a way of generating more money for the sale, some people may decide to take the appliances with them. If you are someone who is in love with your appliances, and want them moved to your new home, we can definitely help to move them. We can disconnect your appliances properly and move them safely from your home to the truck. When we go to unload them, we can get them in to place and help to get them connected for your usage.
Entertainment Centers
Another large piece of furniture that most people have, that can be a real problem to move, is entertainment centers. While most people will try to take their entertainment centers apart, in order to move them safely, this can actually lead to the degradation of pieces. Because of this, the next time you go to build it, the furniture will be weaker and not as sturdy at it was the firs time. For this reason, if you can keep the entertainment center together while moving, it’s a much better option. We can help to lift these huge pieces, get them out of your home and loaded in to the truck quickly and efficiently.
Home Theaters
Televisions have become lighter in the last few years, but they have also become much larger. Because of this, moving them can be a bit difficult. A good television set can cost thousands of dollars and, because of this, we want to make sure that your television gets from your old home, to your new home, as safely as possible. We will take our time to, not only carry your television out, but to make sure that it is well packed and well protected so that it makes the trip in one piece.

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